MRPC Probe Heads

Zetec’s MRPC probe heads have the most variability to meet your specific testing needs. Whether you are performing special interest testing at the top of the tube sheet, searching for indications in tube bends or testing an entire tube, we have the probe to meet your requirements.

  • Delta Head MRPC Probes

    Zetec's world class manufacturing facility provides quality Delta Head probes with 1, 2 or 3 coils. Both plus point and pancake coils can be provided on the same probe head. For tube permeability variances any of the coils can be magnetically biased. The coils are protected by Zetec's proprietary ZM1 material provided extremly long life for the probe heads.


  • Rotating Probes for Bends

    Zetec' provides a complete line of rotating probe heads for tubing with bends. The Flex Head probe provides the data quality you need by allowing surface riding coils to navigate tight tube bends. Zetec's extension shafts allow for consistent data to be collected when motor units cannot get close enough to the area that needs to be inspected.