Surf-X Array Probe


Surf-X Probes are a smart investment delivering the following advantages:

flexible eddy current array solution

Save time and money

  • Electronics module and detachable encoder can be used interchangeably and re-used with any subsequent Surf-X array probe coil sets
  • Field interchangeable coil sets easily adapt to different materials and surface geometries at the inspection site
  • Detachable handles to accommodate different applications and complex geometries
  • Preset test configurations
  • Ability to revise filters to optimize results

Fast inspections, no chemicals

Chemical Testing Replacement: Surface array probes are a cost-effective, chemical-free replacement for Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT) and Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)

Single Sensor Probe Replacement: The surface array option can reduce inspection time by up to 95% versus traditional pencil probes

Accurate, high quality results

  • Better coverage vs. traditional handheld probes
  • Rotatable Encoder is standard, providing easy identification of flaw locations and dimensions
  • Position indicators on the probe help with alignment and ensure the entire area of interest is inspected
  • Patented and proven X-PROBE technology-based coil set delivers added dependability and accuracy
  • Operates in absolute and multiple modes of driver pickup