1. Rubber Corner Bumpers Double as handles and are easily gripped with a bare or gloved hand
2. Cast Aluminum Case The toughest in the industry
3. Multi-Status Display Keeps you informed of battery status, internet connectivity and maintenance messages
4. ECT Connector Interface Interfaces to AC3, French, Bobbin, Rotating, and Tube Array Probes. Also supports RFT High Voltage Probe with Option 1
5. RFT Connector Interface Interfaces to RFT Low Voltage Probe, RFT array, and MFL probe
6. Probe Pusher Interface Provides control for Zetec High Speed 3D
7. Surface Array Interface MIZ-200A 64 model supports ECA Array Probe with internal programmable eddy current surface array multiplexer (64 & 128)
8. Plug-and-Play Connectivity Plug-and-play connectivity to laptop running Velocity Software
9. Integrated Carry Pins Provide secure points for attaching a shoulder harness or carry strap