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NDT in Europe: Innovative Equipment for Fast & Reliable Nondestructive Testing

Zetec European Headquarters:

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Air Park Paris Sud
3 avenue Jeanne Garnerin
ZAC des Hauts de Wissous
Bâtiment B5 Le Pélican

Phone: +33 1 60 92 39 39
Fax: +33160923940
Email Zetec Paris or use our contact form

Nondestructive testing helps keep European citizens and consumers safe. From ensuring flight safety to preventing parts failure in nuclear power plants, nondestructive testing protects people and communities across the continent. Many European aerospace, automotive, rail, nuclear, and petrochemical companies depend on Zetec to provide powerful, reliable NDT equipment and expertise.

Companies operating in Europe may be subject to regulations governing the use of nondestructive testing. Both the European Union law and the laws of the country, state, or province they operate in may apply. By producing equipment and software in compliance with stringent international standards, Zetec helps European companies meet regulatory requirements. 

Zetec Locations Providing NDT in Europe

Zetec’s innovative NDT solutions can be found throughout Europe. Several expert channel partners provide Zetec products in Austria, Czechia, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Norway, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom. Zetec provides equipment and services directly in other European countries.

Local Channel Partners
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Countries Served

HLR Chemlaborreactiv Ukraine
Instrumentacija ELI-MP Bosnia, Croatia, Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia
NPF Avek Russia, Kazakhstan
SlovCert Czechia, Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine
SPE Monotest Russia

Our European channel partners serve most industries. For countries not listed above, please contact Zetec directly for equipment or services. 

Zetec Provides NDT Solutions for European Industries

European countries are havens for high technology and heavy industry. To ensure safety and the consistent production of quality work across the continent, many European industries rely on nondestructive testing. The diverse economies of each country create various applications for NDT. Some notable examples include:

United Kingdom 

Power generation plants in the United Kingdom are heavy users of NDT. Inspections protect the nation by testing turbines and steam generators, as well as welds and piping. As one of the biggest producers of wings, engines, and military aircrafts, the United Kingdom is known for its large aerospace segment.


Modern nuclear power plants in France depend on NDT to keep the City of Light and the country lit up bright. Advanced French aerospace companies trust NDT to find defects in nearly every component, including engines, fuselages, wheels, landing gear, airframes, metals, composites, multilayer structures, and bolt holes. 


German automakers and rail companies keep the country moving by using ultrasonic test equipment to guarantee proper heat treatment for auto parts and the soundness of train tracks, axles, wheels, and cast-iron frogs. 


Norwegian oil and gas operations rely on NDT to ensure safe extraction, transportation, and refinement of petrochemicals, protecting the state’s investment and preserving the environment. Norwegian shipping companies also use NDT to keep ships safe in rough seas. 


Swedish manufacturers of industrial machines and automobiles depend on nondestructive testing to maintain their reputation for quality products. Tests detect issues with material mixes or integrity, welds, threads, assembly, features, as well as cracks and flaws in surface or hidden metals. Large claddings, forgings, and vessels can be likewise tested prior to delivery.

To learn more about Zetec’s products, training, or for inquiries regarding nuclear steam generation inspections, contact your local Zetec sales team representative.

Regional Sales Team


Alain Meynet
+33 6 07 90 59 41
Belgium, France, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
Vadim Zeleniuk
+49 17 32 50 72 60
Austria, Czechia, Denmark, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and other Eastern European countries
Paul Hillman
+44 73 84 46 18 23
Finland, Ireland, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway plus other Western and Southern European countries.

Zetec takes pride in providing top-shelf ultrasonic and eddy current equipment and software to the nations of Europe. We also provide calibration, service, and rentals. For training, consulting, engineering, or advice, contact Zetec today!

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