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Innovative NDT in Asia: China, South Korea, Japan, & Beyond

Zetec Offices in Asia

Shanghai Office

Room 907, Building D,
E-Link Word,
No. 1777 Hualong Rd.
Qingpu Dist.
Shanghai 201799, China

Phone: +86 18501697185
Fax: +86 2139105923
Zetec China

Seoul Korea Office

Rm. 701, Se-Myung Building 524,
Seoul, 06181, Korea

Phone: +82 2 562 7503
Fax: +82 2 562 7079
Zetec Korea

DaeJeon Korea Office

Rm. 608 Hanshin S Meca 65,
Techno 3-ro,
DaeJeon, 34016, Korea

Phone: +82 42 336 7560
Fax: +82 42 336 7561
Zetec Korea

Nondestructive testing (NDT) ensures product quality and keeps customers safe. NDT can prevent parts failure in the aviation, power generation, heavy manufacturing, petrochemical, and transportation industries. This helps keep workers and consumers safe both within Asia and everywhere that Asian products travel. 

Frequently, nondestructive testing requirements are required by law. Though specific NDT requirements depend on nation and industry, they are typically founded on standards developed by international bodies of experts. By producing NDT equipment which meet or exceed published international standards, Zetec ensures Asian companies can meet even the most stringent regulations.

Zetec Locations Providing NDT in Asia

Our expert channel partners provide Zetec products in China, South Korea, and Japan, though our top-shelf NDT solutions can be supplied directly by Zetec across the Asia Pacific region in most other Asian nations like Taiwan, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and beyond. 

Local Channel Partners
(click on partner to contact)

Areas Served

Fermat Inspection Technology Company China
HLR Chemlaborreactiv Ukraine
Dia Electronics Application Japan
Kyung Do Enterprise South Korea
Zeddyone Corporation South Korea
Pratita Indonesia
CIFRA Marketing Philippines

Our Asian channel partners serve most industries. For countries not listed above, please contact Zetec directly.

Zetec Provides NDT Solutions for Asian Industries

Asian countries—including China, Japan, and South Korea—are known across the world for their advanced technology and industrial power. Widespread application of nondestructive testing technologies helps Asian companies ensure consumer safety, product quality, and the good reputation of their business. Each nation is home to many industries which benefit from NDT, including: 

  • Power Generation: Safety is mandatory in the nuclear and fossil fuel power plants which light up Asian nations. With zero tolerance for failure, inspectors turn to Zetec NDT equipment to ensure the integrity of their nuclear turbines, steam generators, and heavy-duty vessels. Even wind farms are beginning to perform NDT inspections to ensure their assets last. 
  • Aerospace and Aviation: NDT inspections are required during the manufacturing process of aerospace companies, as well as throughout the working lifespan of aircraft. Nearly every aircraft component requires inspection to ensure safe flight, including engines, airframes, composites, metal components, wheels, landing gear, and bolt holes. 
  • Rail: High and low-speed rail transport in Asia moves billions of passengers and tons of valuable freight. By enabling fast, accurate inspections of tracks, axles, wheels, and frogs, Zetec NDT equipment helps keep trains on-time and safe. 
  • Manufacturing: Many Asian nations are heavy manufacturing powerhouses, churning out dependable steel, pipes, tubes, forgings, claddings, vessels, automobiles, and heavy equipment. Zetec NDT products inspect material mixes and integrity, welds, heat treatments, and assembly, seeking cracks, flaws, voids, defects, and issues with threads. 
  • Marine: Pacific seafaring nations trust Zetec NDT equipment to test their ship’s plate thickness, welds, material mixes, and paint thicknesses. Tough, lightweight NDT equipment stands up to the difficult environments found both at sea and in drydock. 
  • Oil and Gas: Upstream, midstream, and downstream oil & gas operations in Asia rely on Zetec equipment to test pipelines, risers, holding tanks, and welds across the largest continent.

To learn more about Zetec’s products, training, or for inquiries regarding nuclear steam generation inspections, contact your local Zetec sales team representative.

Regional Sales Team

Areas Served

Max Chen
+86 138 1098 4296
China, Hong Kong
Shinichi Matsuzono 
+81 3 5639 2805
Seok Ki Oh
+ 82 2 562 7534
South Korea and other regions in South and Southeast Asia

Zetec proudly provides fast, accurate, and reliable ultrasonic and eddy current NDT products to Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and other Asian companies. We also provide calibration, rentals, and service. To learn more, contact Zetec today.

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