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Webinar: Improve austenitic weld inspections in upstream, midstream, downstream & petrochemical sectors

Two sessions: December 13 and 14.

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With more stringent environmental and process requirements in the industry, there is an increased interest in applying more efficient, productive volumetric inspection techniques both for pre-service (manufacturing) or in-service markets. This need is evident across all sectors and applications of Oil & Gas: from flow pipes, blow out preventers and CRA pipelines, to heavy wall stainless steel process pipes.

One successful option — phased array ultrasound (PAUT) examination of austenitic welds (homogeneous stainless steel welds, dissimilar metal welds) has been applied to and formally qualified for these types of inspections. Although most of the elements of a “successful” inspection solution is known to PAUT experts, the implementation is still perceived as laborious, complex and expensive, often requiring either a high-end software package, or several packages.

Join us for a one hour webinar which will show how a standard, cost effective approach can enable more efficient and robust austenitic weld inspections in lieu of radiography (RT).

In this webinar, we will demonstrate:

  • A standard solution involving a series of standard dual matrix array probes and wedge assemblies that can be easily set-up using a portable, but high-power phased array unit and its embedded software
  • A single powerful software platform that can support all steps of the examination process, including comprehensive visualization of the data, and efficient data analysis
  • The performance of this approach using ultrasonic data from practical trials on various representative austenitic weld specimens containing artificial and realistic flaws

In addition, a question and answer session will be conducted at the end of the webinar.
This webinar can help deliver a competitive advantage. You’ll gain an understanding of how to improve the efficiency and performance of your austenitic weld inspections.

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