UltraVision Touch


Interactive Help

UltraVision Touch 3.8R11 adds a new Interactive Help tool which simplifies training and the understanding of less used functions.


Non-Corrected C-Scan View

The non-corrected C-scan view displays the amplitude readings of each focal law taken from the gate and plotting the information side by side, without correction for actual angle. When used on a Raster Scan, the data cursor allows selecting which scan line to display in the view.

Inspection Speed Optimization

Maximum acquisition speed is typically determined by:

  • Data throughput
  • Available energy for pulsing
  • Acoustic sound propagation time

During setup preparation, any of these three factors can limit the achievable acquisition rate. UltraVision Touch now includes an optimization algorithm that helps identifying which of the above mentioned factors is limiting the maximum acquisition speed.

Read Back Mode

When read back mode is enabled, data files will be automatically opened at the end of each inspection cycle. It is no longer necessary to manually perform the “open data file” operation for doing analysis of recently acquired data. Simply closing the data file will automatically prepare the instrument for the next inspection cycle.

Pause Mode for Analysis

The new pause mode allows accessing analysis tools previously not available in acquisition mode. When pausing an acquisition, it is now possible to:

  • Change the focal displayed
  • Choose the data position displayed
  • Do sizing and measurements with cursors
  • Move gate selector in dynamic views

When in Pause mode, it is also possible to reconstruct Online Views from Stored Data for doing data validation without opening inspection data files.


Scan Axis Repositioning

During post inspection analysis, data scan position can be re-scaled along a new scan axis length. This new feature allows for proper scaling of data when performing a manual non-encoded inspection sequence. When a data file is loaded, the user can rescale data along the scan axis. The selection of the data area is done with cursors and the new scan length is specified to stretch or shrink the data.

Improvements to Weld Overlays

Weld overlays can now be configured to adjust overlay color, line weight and line type.

Proposed Set-up for NDT Paintbrush

A new proposed setup tool for NDT PaintBrush configurations is now included in UltraVision Touch 3.8R11. This tools helps create the right UT setup when using either 1D Dual Linear Array type probes for corrosion inspection or a traditional 1D linear arrays. The proposed setup tool pre-configures the apertures and positions the gates according to the specimen settings thereby simplifying the setup creation process.


Compound Scan

Compound scanning is improved:

  • It is now possible to define the resolution for the compound scan generation (this replaces the option Sparse/Dense available in previous versions)
  • The increment in aperture element will now be a function of the number of focal laws and the length of the probe to cover