Z-Scan UT

Key Features

The Z-Scan UT operates from any desktop or laptop PC with Pentium IV processor, at least 512 MB of memory and a 100BaseT link. For optimal performance, the PC should be configured for a specific application and take into account the data throughput and file sizes corresponding to that application. Many data processing functions are available with the Z-Scan UT: averaging, rectification, smoothing, data compression by n, and compression by peak detection. These functions work in combination and perform in real-time without any loss to the global system performance.


Conventional UT Channels

  • Up to 8 standard ultrasound channels
  • Linear and logarithmic amplifiers

Data acquisition

  • Real-Time data compression
  • High pulsing rate and data throughput


  • Flexible interfaces to scanners and manipulators
  • Sealed enclosure is easier to use and maintain in contaminated area