Increase inspection productivity

  • Parallel firing capability: QuartZ supports 32:128 or 2×16:64 configurations for two simultaneous apertures on one or two probes
  • Integrated probe splitter: Connects two Phased Array probes without any additional accessories
  • High Power Phased Array channels: QuartZ incorporates real 100V pulser for the Phased Array channels. Ideal for the inspection of very thick or difficult to penetrate materials
  • Two powerful conventional UT channels:  A full inspection configuration of two PA probes and two UT probes only needs one simple instrument
  • High data throughput: QuartZ can deliver up to 30MB/s of data throughput making the difference for demanding applications
  • Automatic probe detection: When using Zetec probes, QuartZ automatically detects the probe(s) the probes connected ensuring using the right probe and simplifying traceability up the reporting process

Simplify your inspection process through innovation

  • Time Reversal Support: Allows inspecting various geometry changing surfaces of composite materials without complex surface following mechanics or previous knowledge of the exact part shape

Meet your specific needs, today and in the future

  • UltraVision 3 ® Controlled: Tap into the full power of QuartZ. Offering a 3D work environment, UltraVision delivers the full inspection process within the same software package, from inspection design to advanced analysis and reporting.
  • Scalable: Up to 10 QuartZ units in parallel controlled by the same UltraVision. Almost no inspection configuration is too big
  • Easy Integration: Multiple QuartZ units can be synchronized in a simple cable configuration. Changing from table top to 19’’ rack mount configuration is as simple as adding the included mounting brackets
  • Made tough for harsh environments: QuartZ can be installed close to the probes, reducing cable length. No air conditioning is needed saving in project complexity and installation costs