WELD Crawler


WELD Crawler is an extremely versatile and modular scanning solution, combining hardware and software to meet a wide range of inspection challenges. The base scanner is a circumferential scanner that can be used to scan pipes from NPS 2.5″ to flat. The addition of an optional axial package allows the user to effortlessly convert the basic circumferential weld scanner into an axial weld scanner for pipes without the use of tools, while an optional probe frame with additional probes makes inspection of greater wall thicknesses possible.


Scanner immediately recognized by TOPAZ

    When connected, the scanner is recognized by TOPAZ and all the encoder-related parameters will be programmed automatically.
    This is of vital importance since the encoder-related parameters are diretly related to indications length and positions.

Wide range of probe combinations

    WELD Crawler™ can accommodate:
  • TOFD only probes
  • 1 PA probe
  • 2 PA probes
  • 2 PA probes and 1 pair of TOFD for wall thickness above 2 inches

Wide range of pipe diameters

  • From NPS 2.5 to Flat
  • An optional carrier frame accommodates 6 or 8 probes to scan pipes of higher wall thicknesses (more than 2 inches up to 6 inches).

Individual probe suspension adjustment

  • Each probe suspension has an individual tensioner system to match the suspension to the application.
  • Probes can be parked and locked in the lifted position when the scanner is not used for inspection.
  • When the locks are released, the probes are lowered to the specimen surface at the preset tension.

Easy probe positioning with integral ruler

  • A ruler on the main arm allows for easy and fast probe positioning for optimum data acquisition.
  • Probe positions to ensure optimum coverage of the weld are directly provided by the TOPAZ flaw detector.

Low clearance

    Because it requires a very low clearance of just 2,25 inches, the scanner can be used in very tight and confined spaces.
    Its versatility allows it to be used on pipes from NPS 2,5 up to plates.

2.1 LOW CLEARANCE-Fondblanc