Housing Dimensions 235 x 190 x 102 mm (9.25 x 7.5 x 4 in)
Weight 6.1 kg (13.5 lbs) (with two batteries)
Operating Temperature* -5C to 45C* (14F to 113F)*
Storage Temperature -20C to 60C** (-4F to 140F) with batteries
Operating humidity (max.) 80% up to 31C (88F)
Altitude Up to 2000m (6560ft)
Rated Pollution Degree 2
Ventilation Natural convection without air intake*
Power Requirements 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Power Supply Direct VAC or Battery
Battery Type Li-ion, 10.8V, Capacity 6500 mAh
Battery Life 9 hrs. typ., Hot Swappable
Connectivity Gigabit Ethernet, Cable category 6, 100m (328ft) max.
Number of channels Up to 24
Resolution 18-bit
Sampling frequency Up to 1.5MHz
Overall bandwidth 35-45 kHz
Data throughput Up to 5MB/s
Pulse frequency 40 kHz
Inertial sensor 9 Axis
X-Axis (Across) Resolution 2mm (0.08 in)
X-Axis (Across) Position Accuracy ± 4 mm (± 0.150 in)
Y-Axis (Along) Resolution 2mm (0.08 in)
Y-Axis (Along) Position Accuracy ± 4 mm (± 0.150 in)
Skew Resolution
Skew Accuracy ± 3°
X-Axis (Across) Scan Range* 150-300mm (6-12 in)
Y-Axis (Along) Scan Range* 750mm (30in)
Max. Scan Speed 50 mm/s (2 in/s)
Diameter Range* 200mm (8 in) to Flat
Radial Clearance 32mm (1.25 in)
Axial Clearance* 140mm (5.5 in)

*See LATITUDE brochure for more details.

Specifications listed may change without prior notification.