High Stability Bobbin Probe


Improve Data Quality and Inspection Costs

The Zetec High Stability Bobbin Probe will significantly improve the economics of your inspections. Designed specifically for Steam Generator Tubing Inspections. This innovative advancement in technology provides better quality data and bobbin probes that last considerably longer.

In fact, field trials conducted at Palisades and Diablo Canyon confirmed a 30% increase in probe life and improved data quality. The longer probe life leads to numerous improvements in inspection economics. Not only is the time for an inspection significantly reduced, but savings are also realized for less rad waste and lower dose because of the fewer probe changes.

The High Stability Bobbin probes are designed to be equivalent for replacing the existing bobbin probes already used in nuclear steam generators. Sizes for 7/8, 3/4, 11/16 and 5/8 tubing are available.

“We used Zetec’s High Stability Bobbin Probe for our latest Surry Power Station inspection and its performance was absolutely fabulous. Our outage time was reduced from 6 days for the previous inspection to 2.5 days for this last inspection, saving us valuable time and dose. In previous inspections, we would change out 5 to 7 probes. Thanks to the durability and performance of the Zetec High Stability Bobbin Probe, we didn’t have to change out any probes. In fact, at the end of the inspection the probes were still performing just like they did when the job started, with no degradation in data quality. We will definitely use the Zetec High Stability Bobbin Probe in the future.”

Todd M. Mayer
Technical Consultant
Engineering, Surry Power Station
Dominion Resources, Inc.