Surface Array Flex Probe


Quick and accurate inspections

  • Reduces inspection time by 95% compared to a handheld pencil probe
  • Offers inspection coverage up to 2 inches in a single passof weld bead, transition zone, and heat affected zone
  • Detects longitudinal, transverse, and off-axis cracks as short as 0.020 inches
  • Detects sub-surface defects as deep as 0.039 inches

Conforms to various surface applications

  • Flexible pad wraps around weld beads up to 0.197 inches tall
  • Detects surface and sub-surface defects in irregular nonferromagnetic surfaces as well as surface defects in smooth
    ferromagnetic surfaces
  • Durable pad toughness tested on over 9,843 feet of stainless steel smooth weld surface without failure
  • Detects corrosion under paint without stripping and repainting
  • Surface preparation is not necessary as compared to penetrant inspection methods
  • No chemical usage or environmental concerns as compared to Magnetic Particle or penetrant inspection methods