Multiple Probe Configurations

The MIZ-85iD is available in single, dual, or quad probe configurations to best suit your application.

Universal Capability

The MIZ-85iD supports all common steam generator inspection techniques.

Standalone Unit

The MIZ-85iD features an integral probe interface module (PIM) which eliminates the need for probe adapters.

Advanced Technology

The MIZ-85iD’s Intelligent Device technology provides automatic probe configuration validation with MIZ-iD equipped probes.

Web Server

The web server queries devices and provides information on the network, system, calibration status, and hardware. With higher level permission, it enables you to update the firmware and to calibrate.

Auto Tube End Detection

The Auto Tube End Detection improves probe life.

Electronic Connector Pin Multiplexer

The electronic connector pin multiplexer eliminates the need for reference probes and common probe adapter cables.

Auxiliary A/O Control Lines

The Auxiliary A/O Control Lines provide integration with probe delivery systems and probe position encoders.