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Large Rotor Shaft Inspections

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The increasing needs of energy production lead to new rotor shaft designs with larger dimensions. The implementation of these designs requires new tools for large rotor shaft inspections in order to guarantee the public safety and to ensure the quality of these critical parts.

In response to this new inspection challenge, the innovative concept of a semi-flexible 2D array probe has been introduced, to overcome the limitations of conventional Ultrasound techniques. The performance of this probe has been validated through real data acquisitions on representative test specimens.

Recently, optimized semi-flexible matrix array probes have been designed, and a new software feature has been developed. This work aims to support heavy forging manufacturers to comply with the existing codes based on the Equivalent Reflector Size (ERS) evaluation method.

A white paper titled ‘Optimized Semi-Flexible Matrix Array Probes for Large Rotor Shafts and DGS Sizing Diagram Simulation Tool‘ addresses the implementation and validation of this new solution for large mono-block rotor shaft forgings. Software simulations as well as experimental results will be presented, and compared to the results obtained in an earlier first phase of this project.

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