Zetec serves as the leading source for advanced NDT products in UT and ECT technologies. We also provide innovative mechanical systems for integration with our customers’ needs . For nearly 50 years, the high quality and performance of Zetec products have earned the confidence of leading companies from around the world. From nuclear power generation and oil & gas fields, to aerospace, rail systems and manufacturing lines, our customers choose Zetec for the comprehensive product range and reliability we bring to their critical inspection needs.

Our products prove themselves with every use. We listen to our customers and advance NDT science to answer their needs—delivering the highest quality and performance at a low total cost of ownership. Because we manufacture our products at our own state-of-the-art facilities, we have exceptional control over quality, capacity and delivery. For our customers, that adds up to reliability.

Zetec products excel as strategic business solutions to critical bottom line and bandwidth issues. We understand the challenges our customers face in their evolving industries, and we deliver products that give them an edge. We improve inspection performance and boost productivity meanwhile staying ahead of regulatory and compliance issues. The result is a serious reduction of total cost of ownership.

  • Ultrasound

    Zetec offers a complete line of advanced UT instruments and PAUT probes and wedges to ensure the right fit for any application. More

  • Eddy Current

    Zetec delivers a comprehensive line of inspection applications, specializing in eddy current instruments, software and probes. We cover everything from nuclear steam generator tubing and aerospace surfaces, to transportation components. More

  • Mechanical Systems

    To deliver and control the scanning of probes and sensors, we offer a wide range of products — everything from eddy current probe pushers to UT scanners. Models range from application-specific to highly configurable. More