Calibración y reparación

Maintaining your equipment for optimum performance.

Calibration & repair support and service can be the most economical investment in your budget. Preventing major failures and interruptions to production are the best ways to keep costs down. Taking care of repairs in a timely manner reduces downtime for your critical production equipment, assures improved product quality and extends your equipment’s life and reliability.

To ensure optimum performance of your instruments, we recommend that electronic calibration should be performed annually. Our factory trained technicians ensure that every instrument calibration follows our strict procedures. Once the calibration is completed, instruments are returned with a Certificate of Calibration which is your proof of traceability to international standards.

All Zetec products, with the exception of consumables and accessories, fall within one of these four status categories:

Active – The product is currently in production and is recommended for new sales. The product realizes full support.

Supported – The product is no longer in production and there are no new sales or software feature releases. The product still realizes full support of all technical resources, calibration equipment, inventory stocking, spare parts, software bug fix patch releases, and available parts that allow for repair and calibration.

Limited Support – The product no longer realizes full support. Only service, repair, and calibration are offered depending on availability of parts.

Obsolete – No support is available for this product. Replacements are recommended.

The following table defines the level of support that Zetec will strive to provide in the various phases of the product lifecycle. Special circumstances can alter any of the support states and are handled per specific product line.

CLICK HERE for the current product family lifecycle status for Zetec Eddy Current technology products, along with replacement options.

You can count on Zetec to provide comprehensive support for the lifecycle of your product line. We make every effort to support all of our products for five years beyond their last date of production. If we’re unable to repair a piece of equipment, our customer service team will recommend a replacement system that should meet your needs.

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