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Expertise For Your Mission Critical Inspections


  • Experience Matters

    Our goal is to maximize your plant’s uptime by implementing fast, consistent and reliable inspection techniques. From project management to data analysis, our Field Engineers support critical inspections with the best products, and with the help of the most experienced and knowledgeable staff worldwide.
  • Inspection Support

    Zetec Field Engineers are recognized as industry and product experts. We provide ECT level I & II acquisition operators. Their value isn’t simply in performing data acquisition, but also in their ability to serve as your system consultants by providing invaluable expertise in the use of Zetec products to maximize the efficiency of the inspection. We also provide ECT Level IIA/QDA and Level III Resolution analysts. Our senior analysts can play an integral role in the entire scope of your analysis project, including guideline creation, degradation assessment review, resolution analysis, and Independent QDA (IQDA) duties.
  • Equipment Maintenance

    Minimize inspection downtime by keeping your equipment in peak performance.  Our years of experience and our commitment to quality provide you with the most skilled personnel with specialized training and advanced diagnostic software and tools. Before your inspection, our factory certified technicians can perform Ready for Use testing to ensure your equipment is maintained to factory performance specifications and ready for field deployment. During your inspection, our technicians can be on hand to help you maximize uptime of your mission critical equipment. As system experts, they can efficiently troubleshoot and diagnose problems, and make repairs as needed.
  • Find Out More

    For rates and more information on how our Field Engineers can support your inspection, please contact Zetec Customer Service or your local Sales Representative.

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