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라이저 용접 사용 전 검사

Riser_PreRisers are critical components in the upstream segment of the oil & gas industry. Risers support huge internal constraints and their integrity is critical for secured, ongoing operations.

Inspection Challenges

In the past, newly manufactured riser’s weld underwent an x-ray process. Normally the weld area had to be evacuated for the x-ray process or in-production risers were moved to a remote location for safer radiation use. The HES constraints linked to the use of RT techniques pushed the industry toward ultrasonic inspection.

Recommended Solution & Advantages:

A combination of TOFD and Phased array has become the industry standard technique for inspecting welds on risers. It requires well trained technicians but allows the production environment to remain as lean as possible since there is no requirement to evacuate the welding area or moving the in-production riser to a remote location.

Improved productivity

  • Lean process not requiring area evacuation or part movement to perform the x-ray
  • Quick and solid setup – no need to rescan weld due to the wrong parameters being entered, wrong probe positioning, un-calibrated group

Better probability of detection

  • TOFD and Phased Array
  • Advanced techniques like tandem
  • Less rejects due to more advanced analysis tools
  • Merge view

Lean inspection process

  • Onboard setup
  • Setup help
  • Onboard analysis
  • Onboard reporting

Zetec Products:

TOPAZ_faceTOPAZ32 Phased Array Ultrasonic Instrument
Quick and accurate adjustment of all the inspection parameters to guarantee proper data collection.

  • Propose setup
  • Optimum adjustment of parameter to maintain code compliance
  • Calibration status
  • Onboard element check

Weld Crawler Scanner
Weld_OG_riser1Robust design for quick and accurate probe positioning

  • Versatility for different range of diameters and thicknesses
  • Individual adjustable suspension for optimum contact
  • Onboard ruler connected to proposed setup feature on TOPAZ32
  • Dialog encoder ensuring correct positioning and length measurement of indications

UltraVision Software
R-Volumetric-364x210UltraVision Touch – state of the art onboard data analysis

  • Real time corrected view (Scan and index in mm or in.)
  • Ability to generate merged views onboard
  • Onboard reporting
  • Create a setup on a computer running UltraVision or remotely control the instrument