Customer training for developing your expertise

We apply ‘Zetec Advantage’ thinking to everything we do. That includes providing you with the professional training needed to keep your facility running smoothly. Some equipment vendors scale back their support after shipment. At Zetec, we provide you with the opportunity to put our knowledge in your hands with training that helps you become more proficient and effective with your equipment. Our formal training classes have strict guidelines for duration and content under specific regulations, including SNT-TC-1A, CP-189, and more. These include examinations that could lead to certification qualification. Our informal training classes (ETD) are designed around specific hardware or software product lines and applications. Course duration, content and scheduling are more flexible, and typically don’t include testing. These can be used to meet recurrent training guidelines or to improve the knowledge and skill of the inspection staff.

  • Formal ECT Courses

    Our formal ECT training, which gives you hands on experience, can be applied to your company’s ECT certification program.

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  • Product Training

    Get the most out of your system - You can attend product training sessions at our different Training Centers in Snoqualmie Washington (USA), Québec City (Canada), Paris (France) and Houston Texas (USA); or we can customize a program specifically for your facility, led by a product or application expert. Trainings are offered either on a daily or weekly rate.

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