Emerald System


Channel Configuration 64/128 PR
Maximum applied voltage (50 Ω load) PA: 150Vpp (Bipolar) / 75V (Unipolar) UT: 200V
Maximum PRF ≤ 30 kHz
Acquisition A-Scan/Peak/Conditional data recording
Acquisition triggered on Free running, encoder position, external signal
Digitizing range 800%
Max data file size Limited by hard drive
Maximum number of reconstruction channels 128
Firing modes FMC, PWI, Sparse*
TFM frame size (on board) 1M points
TFM frame size (offline) Unlimited
Simultaneous FMC channels 2
Max simultaneous TFM frames (on board) 2 (up to 1M points per frame); 8 (up to 256k points per frame)
PA connector 1 IPEX type (2 IPEX with splitter module)
UT connectors 4 x LEMO® 00 (8 additional LEMO® 00 with splitter module)
Data connectivity Ethernet 5 GBit/second
Encoder interfaces 3 quadrature-type
I/O capability 12 inputs, 9 outputs
Automated probe detection Yes (with Zetec probe ID chip)
Automated scanner detection Yes (with Zetec probe ID chip)
Gain Up to 124 dB (0.1 dB step), 76 dB Analog / 48 dB Digital
Input impedance 50 Ω
Bandwidth (-3 dB) PA: 0.5 to 18 MHz, UT: 0.5 to 22.5 MHz
Data compression 1, 2, 4, 8, 16
Amplitude resolution 14-bit elementary A-Scan, 16-bit PA
Max number of samples 16k
Max A-scan range 65k samples
Measurement gates 6 + 1 synchronization gate (peak, crossing, autocrossing, homing)
Parallel PA channels processing Up to 2 channels *
Rectification Digital
Filtering Analog / Digital (FIR)
Digitizing frequency 100 MHz
TCG dynamic range 40 dB

Specifications listed may change without prior notification.

* – available in a future release