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RevospECT Inspection Services

RevospECT Inspection Services provides you with the most advanced commercially available automated analysis service. RevospECT Inspection Services uses software technology that is built from nearly 50 years of experience in innovation and leading the industry in the development of world class eddy current products. This technology is delivered through inspection services by a team of technology professionals with over 200 years of combined experience in eddy current analysis.

Starting from the 1980’s when Zetec introduced the industry’s first commercially available analysis software products to today where Zetec continues to lead the industry with the introduction of automated analysis technology and tools that provide you with the best independent analysis results available.

Additional tools such as sludge mapping, AVB insertion depth reporting, noise measurement and monitoring, and HDC (Historical Data Comparison) provide you with the best possible analysis results to support your degradation assessment.

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RevospECT and HDC are registered trademarks of Zetec Inc.