Zetec History

For more than 50 years, Zetec has advanced the science and standards in NDT—setting new heights in performance, productivity and predictability. Zetec’s knowledge base and practical, proven expertise make a difference to our customers in every solution we deliver.

Throughout our history, we have been dedicated to providing the best integrated inspection solutions worldwide. We offer capabilities to make your mission-critical assets more competitive, safe, and efficient.

  • 1968: As Nuclear Power Flourishes, Zetec Innovates

    Zetec is founded at a small office and dairy barn just outside Seattle in Issaquah, Washington. With an analog, single-frequency eddy current tester and bobbin tubing probe that it designed and manufactured, the company wins a government contract to inspect steam generators at nuclear power plants.

    As nuclear power flourishes in the 1970s and 1980s, Zetec becomes one of the industry’s leading developers of eddy current technology (ET), supporting customers around the world with innovations including the first multi-frequency analog ET instruments; the first digital ET instrument; Eddynet networked ET inspection software; and MRPC 3-coil+point probe head.

    Today, Zetec offers a full line of state-of-the-art ET instruments, robotics, and software for complex inspections, including the MIZ-21C, the first truly affordable handheld instrument with surface array capabilities. Additionally, Zetec is the world’s largest supplier of steam generator Eddy Current probes.
  • 2002: A Strong Business Foundation With Roper Technologies

    Zetec is acquired by Roper Technologies and gains access to greater business resources, complementary engineering expertise, and an expanded international distribution channel. Under the Roper umbrella, Zetec continues to be operated and managed as an independent company.
  • 2004: Acquisition Brings Ultrasonic Expertise

    Zetec acquires the power generation assets of R/D Tech in Quebec City, the world’s leading innovator in phased array ultrasonic technology (UT) and eddy current array products. This acquisition brings 100 new employees with extensive industry knowledge to the Zetec organization, resulting in an expanded technology base and product line.

    Zetec establishes several “firsts” in phased array UT, including the highly powerful DYNARAY instrument for advanced data processing and analysis; UltraVision software for managing UT signal acquisition, real-time imaging of these signals, and data analysis; and the TOPAZ family of fully integrated, portable, phased array UT devices – the industry standard for high performance, field-ready NDT inspections.
  • 2005 and Beyond: A Broader, Global Footprint

    Zetec moves into a new, expanded headquarters in Snoqualmie, Washington. The company begins to expand its international footprint, with offices in Quebec City, Quebec; Paris, France; Seoul, Korea; Shanghai and Beijing, China; and Tokyo, Japan. Zetec leverages its inspection leadership and expertise in power generation, and expands its reach to meet the critical inspection needs of industries the world counts on every day including Oil and Gas, Aerospace, Military, Rail, and Manufacturing.

    In 2017, Zetec moves into an expanded European headquarters in France. The move enables Zetec to better handle the regional growth the company has been experiencing, and more effectively serve customers and its distributor network in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India.

    Today, Zetec’s growing global distribution network provides customers with highly knowledgeable product support and decades of technical expertise across numerous market verticals.