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NDT in South America and Central America

Zetec in South America and Central America

Central American Channel Partners:

Nondestructive testing (NDT) ensures that the parts used to generate power, manufacture automobiles, and extract oil function reliably. It checks aircraft parts for manufacturing defects and fatigue due to the changes in air pressure, keeping airplanes flying and their passengers safe. NDT in South America and Central America ensures that South and Central American assets are safe for use whenever they are in use.

Nondestructive testing is a requirement in many industries by law, consensus standards, or contractual obligation. The specifics will vary by industry and product type, but NDT is required for industrial assembly equipment, process piping, metallurgical products, automotive components, aerospace engines and parts, and many more products. 

Zetec produces ultrasonic and eddy current NDT testing equipment to meet even the most stringent NDT requirements. This way, South American and Central American industries can fulfill NDT requirements whether they are industrial, governmental or contractual obligations.

Zetec Locations Providing NDT in South America and Central America

Zetec’s channel partners provide Zetec products in countries from Argentina to Mexico and in the many countries in between. Our channel partners offer NDT in Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, and Central American countries like Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, and many more.

Local Channel Partners
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Countries Served

Industria Y Tecnologia Symtek SAS Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Trinindad and Tobago, Belize
Integrity & NDT Solutions SAS Columbia, Ecuador, Venezuela

Our South and Central American channel partners serve most industries. For countries not listed above, please contact Zetec directly.

Zetec Provides NDT for South America and Central America Industry

South American countries are rising hubs for natural resources and heavy industry. The application of NDT in South America and Central America helps companies build quality products and a brand that can be trusted at home and abroad. NDT can benefit the following industries:

  • Automotive: Automotive manufacturing requires NDT testing to ensure that components are without flaws or defects and can stand up to the rigors of travel on the road.
  • Aviation: Every part of an aircraft is subject to stress, from the vibration of the engines to extreme changes in pressure throughout the working lifespan of the aircraft. The metals and composites that make up the airframe, engines, wheels, and landing gear require NDT inspection before the aircraft is fit to fly, and routine inspection to ensure that it remains so. Zetec provides aerospace NDT solutions that can keep aircraft safe.

To learn more about NDT in the Middle East, contact your local Zetec sales representative.

Regional Sales Team

Regions Served

Carlos Triveño
(832) 226-813
South America and Central America

Zetec is a leading provider of NDT equipment for the Middle East and around the world. Contact us today to get a custom inspection plan that addresses unique challenges in the region, in addition to devices that can make your NDT campaigns more efficient.

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