Automotive Inspection Solutions

NDT inspection solutions that drive automotive manufacturing quality and uptime

Zetec automotive inspection solutions improve uptime throughout the manufacturing process while ensuring high quality of end products. Our inspection solutions integrate seamlessly with existing manufacturing lines for high productivity at lower inspection costs.

  • Key Applications

    Zetec offers solutions covering a wide range of applications including the most common ones listed below. For applications not listed here, contact us.

    Improper heat treatment conditions:

      • Shallow case depth
      • Short heat
      • Misplaced case
      • Delayed quench
      • Short quench
      • Air cooled
      • No heat treatment

    Material mix:

      • Hardness variation

    Crack and flaw detection:

      • Exposed metallic surface
      • Hidden metallic near surface

    Thread and feature verification:

      • Partial, incorrect, or damaged threads
      • Oversized or undersized threads
      • Broken taps
      • Incorrect or missing feature
      • Missing holes

    Assembly verification:

    • Validate presence of external component
    • Verify existence of concealed overmolded part
    • Check for component orientation
    • Part quantity testing
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