Volumetric Weld

Solutions for welds of contrasting materials

Due to primary water stress corrosion cracking found in nozzle-to-pipe welds, dissimilar metal welds have become a major concern. At Zetec, we’ve developed solutions that give us advanced visibility to examining the materials and the integrity of volumetric welds. Our eddy current technologies can expose any issues with the use of near-surface examinations. Our ultrasound technologies can discover any anomalies with the use of sub-surface and far-side examinations.

  • User benefits for advanced UT weld inspection

    Advanced UT inspection provides a comprehensive overview with easy-to-understand results. With our solution, the technique is fast, can be deployed by multiple operators in parallel, and doesn’t require you stop other activities in the surrounding area. Our solution uses multiple angles for improved probability of flaw detection. You’ll get evidence that the full length of the weld has been inspected. And with our exclusive 3D plotting of indications, your report is easy to understand.
  • A range of scanners for mission-critical inspections

    At Zetec, we offer you a full range of comprehensive UT weld inspection scanning solutions. When it comes to mission-critical inspections, we lead the way with high performance systems that satisfy the needs of major industrial segments. Our inspection solutions include technique development to increase efficiency and lower the cost of ownership, enhanced calibration for improved accuracy, facilitated acquisition and easier analysis for better, easier-to-understand reports.