Zetec sets the world standard for cost-effective inspections of critical components ensuring their safe operation and longer, more productive lifetime

Ultrasound Technology — Dynamic, real-time inspections.

Zetec is your key supplier of conventional and phased array UT solutions for mission-critical inspections.

Zetec leads the way with high-performance systems for conventional and phased array UT inspection techniques, driven by the needs and applications of any industry.

Conventional Ultrasound Inspection:

Ultrasound testing (UT) is a very useful and versatile nondestructive testing method that allows for a full volumetric examination of your component. It uses high-frequency sound waves that are transmitted through a test piece and/or reflected by discontinuities inside it.

Inspections can be performed by manually moving a transducer over a component or by connecting it to an encoded scanning mechanism. Zetec can provide complete and integrated solutions for inspections requiring a single channel or multi-channel configurations.

The multi-channel ultrasonic acquisition units of Zetec are the systems of choice for conventional UT and TOFD applications with manual encoded scanners or fully automated robotics. With high pulsing rate and data throughput, Zetec’s systems can tackle any conventional UT applications that requires high performance.

Phased Array Ultrasound Inspections:

Phased array (PA) technology allows to control the acoustic characteristics (refracted angle, focal distance, aperture, etc.) of ultrasonic beams through software. Compared to conventional ultrasonic testing (UT) methods, this opens a series of new possibilities:

  • Multiple refracted angles and focal distances can be generated simultaneously by a single search unit;
  • Ultrasonic beams can be electronically moved over the length of the PA probe, without any mechanical movement;
  • By using multiple ultrasonic beams, the probability of detection can be increased;
  • Automated or semi-automated inspection methods can be implemented more efficiently.
Azimuthal Scanning Depth Scanning Linear Scanning

Zetec offers a complete line of inspection systems and probes which allow you to fully exploit the capabilities of PA UT and help you perform more efficient and reliable inspections.

Physical Principles

A phased array probe consists of a series of piezo-composite elements, which can be excited independently one from the others. By precisely controlling the time delays between the excitation of the individual elements, ultrasonic beams of various angles, focal distances and aperture can be transmitted in the inspected specimen. The returning echo from a reflector is detected by each elements of the PA probe at a slightly different time. The individual echo signals are then time-shifted before being summed up. The result of this process is an a-scan that emphasizes the response from the desired focal point.

Phased Array Probe Configurations

Zetec’s standard probes are offered in two main configurations:

  • Azimuthal: Probes that are optimized to produce multiple refracted beam angles
  • Linear: Long transducers that are optimized for electronically moving the active aperture along the probe

Both probe configurations allow multiple focusing depth as well.